Hong Kong

Hong Kong: getting lost in a universe of street food, masses of people, skyscrapers, and 24 hour days.
Bus stop, Rapperswil

Rural Infrastructure in Switzerland

Switzerland is among the top ten ranking countries concerning infractructure. Still, the changing appearance of public service is a popular topic for discussion…
The sun rises above the fog-covered Swiss lowland.

Jura Sunrise

Sunrise in the Jura.
The full moon illuminates Switzerland's Jura mountains November 14, 2016. The perigee full Moon, or supermoon, brings the Moon on its orbit close to the Earth.


The full moon on November 14, 2016 brings the Moon close to the Earth – it’s called a perigee full…
Snow covers trees in Switzerland's Jura mountains November 6, 2016.

Winter has arrived

Winter has arrived in Switzerland. Snow fell over night, and trees and leaves are white. Looks like I was just…
Autumn brings mist and golden colours.

Autumn Colours

The colours of autumn… 
Outer Hebrides

Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides

The early and late hours of the day are usually the most interesting for landscape photography, and this is especially…
Dusk at Losgaintir, Isle of Harris

Losgaintir, Isle of Harris

Fadhail Losgaintir (or Luskentyre in English) is a large, shallow bay on the Isle of Harris. The green-blue water sculptures…
The sun sets as fans watch Saturday's lower league football match.

Lower League Football

Here’s more lower league football. The light was nice, the play solid. The local team won 2:0. I was experimenting…