Bicycles often mix spare parts of different brands. This chainring incorporates the manufacturer's brand name Phoenix, a large Chinese company exporting bicycles since the 1960s.

Do cargo bicycles dream of carbon? Cargo bikes in Rwanda

Cargo bicycles are widely used for the transportation of goods and passengers in Rwanda – the land of thousand hills. For a cyclist, these hills make riding strenuous as there is hardly ever a flat stretch of road. Many riders of Team Rwanda, the cycling team based in Ruhengeri, have started as taxi or cargo bikers.
Glowing steam rises from Nyiragongo volcano (3'470 m) in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo at night. The Virunga volcanoes are part of the Albertine Rift Mountains, the western branch of the East African Rift. In the Virunga region, two parts of the African Plate, the Somali Plate and the Nubian Plate, are breaking apart at a rate of 6 to 7 mm annually. Eruptions of Nyiragongo occurred in 1832, 1904, 1977 and 2002.

Nyiragongo Volcano at Night

Nyiragongo volcano overviews the jungle in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There’s glowing steam rising from the crater illuminating the passing clouds at the night sky.
Nyiragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo contains the Earth's largest lava lake.

Nyiragongo volcano

Nyiragongo is an active volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The crater contains the Earth’s largest lava lake.…
Left: Early morning in a village near Rubona in Rwanda. Right: Petit Barrier: A tricycle carries goods over the border between Gisenyi and Goma.

Le Petit Barrier

In a cloud of smoke and dust sits volcano Nyiragongo behind the twin towns Goma and Gisenyi at the border of…
Map of Africa

The True Size of the Congo, or: The Evolution of the Map of Africa

Why does a map of Africa printed in 1705 show more rather than less detail than one created in 1842? Are there really Tritons and Sirens in African lakes? Has Google really eliminated all blank spaces on the map of Africa?
Clouds form over the Congolese shore of lake Kivu.

Swiss in the Congo

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs states the number of 240 Swiss living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2015. That’s 0.003% of Switzerland’s population of 8.3 million people. In other words: it’s rather unusual to meet a Swiss in the Congo. Which can make for interesting stories.
Report of the Swiss Federal Council on penalties for Swiss living in Brasil and holding slaves. Bundesblatt Nr. 53 von 10. Dezember 1864 – Website of the Federal Council of Switzerland.

Chocolate and Slaves

In contrast to most other European countries, landlocked Switzerland never was a colonial power. What’s it got to do with slave trade? And how could it become famous for chocolate – as cocoa trees do not bear fruits outside the tropics?

Abstract Landscapes

Playing with abstraction, blur, and time…
Rock face in Jura at sunrise

Jura Landscapes

Christmas Eve! A tree in Jura as the sun rises over the Alps and disappears again after a few minutes behind dense…