The abandoned restaurant "Sternen" in Gossliwil, a small village in Switzerland, was put out of operation in 2004.

Village Restaurants

Restaurants are an important part of life – culinary, socially, and in villages even politically. Even if they are not part of…
Volg is a retail chain with over 500 stores mostly in the German part of Switzerland. A Volg store selling food and household articles is often the only shop in a village. The chain selling regional products has its roots in 19th-century agricultural cooperatives.

The Village Shop

A Volg store is the typical – and often only – village shop in Switzerland. Volg is a retail chain…
Construction in the lowland agglomeration booms as cities get more and more expensive to live in. On the other hand, people leave the rural mountain regions.

Mountains, Cities, or Plains

Emigration to the cities? No, Zurich and Geneva are too expensive for many. Exodus from the cities? Neither. It’s a…
Former village doctor's office (undisclosed location).

The Village Doctor

The village doctor is one of the iconic figures of rural infrastructure. According to a recent study, there will be…
Schoolkids cycle home for lunch, Büren zum Hof, Switzerland.

Village Schools

In rural areas, many small villages in Switzerland merged into larger communities sharing expenses for public service. One of the…
Train station in Péry-La Heutte, Switzerland.

Train Stations and Post Offices

Switzerland is among the top ten ranking countries concerning infractructure. Still, the changing appearance of public service is a popular topic for…
The sun rises above the fog-covered Swiss lowland.

Jura Sunrise

Sunrise in the Jura.
The full moon illuminates Switzerland's Jura mountains November 14, 2016. The perigee full Moon, or supermoon, brings the Moon on its orbit close to the Earth.


The full moon on November 14, 2016 brings the Moon close to the Earth – it’s called a perigee full…
Snow covers trees in Switzerland's Jura mountains November 6, 2016.

Winter has arrived

Winter has arrived in Switzerland. Snow fell over night, and trees and leaves are white. Looks like I was just…